file positioning

From: Hilmar Lapp <>
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 17:31:56 +0000

Hi all,

while looking up the functions that support file-IO in STk, I wasn't able
to find any function that does something like file-positioning (like
fseek() does in C). There isn't any such kind of procedure described in
the manual or elsewhere.

My question: does this mean, that there is no such function predefined ?
(or, in other terms: do I have to code this myself ?)

I strongly miss this function, because I wanted to write a driver for
dBase-files in scheme (using STk). But, handling dBases's .dbt-files is
useless without a fast way of file positioning (which implicates, that
positioning with (dotimes (i pos) (read-char port)) is inflexible and may
be too slow (pos can easily go into ranges of 100000 and multiples)).

BTW I'm missing something like rewind() (in C) too. Is that function also
not predefined ?

I'd appeciate any help, hints or comments.


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