BLT install problems

From: Chet Murthy <murthy_at_CS.Cornell.EDU>
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 1995 15:24:44 -0500

[Synopsis: I can't get "make dynamic" to produce a working BLT. I
*can* get "make static" to produce a working BLT, but with a single
change in "Src/toplevel.c". For obvious reasons, I would prefer it if
"make dynamic" worked. --chet--]

I just succeeded in compiling BLT. The patch by Motoyuki Kawaba, as
posted by Rob DeLine, allowed me to load it into a standard stk-bin.
But I also needed to:

(1) change all instances of "SHLIB_" in the Makefile to "SH_"

(2) remove the space in "-I $(STK)/Src" from the CFLAGS line

But even with this, the "test-blt" fails when doing:

STk> (blt_barchart '.graph) call to undefined procedure _log10 from 0xef6fa750

when I run it with:

Interpreter used ../Src/stk-bin
Welcome to the STk interpreter version 2.1.5 [SunOS-4.1-sun4m]
Copyright (C) 1993, 1994 Erick Gallesio - I3S - CNRS / UNSA <>
STk> (require "blt")

and paste in the file "demos/barchart.stk".

In addition, when I did a "make static", everything crashes:

#0 0x851d4 in Tk_MainWindow (interp=0x0) at tkWindow.c:1998
#1 0x5a6d4 in Blt_HtextInit (interp=0x0) at bltHtext.c:3510
#2 0x36238 in STk_Blt_Init (interp=0x0) at blt.c:58
#3 0x36404 in init_blt () at blt.c:128
#4 0x229c in STk_user_init () at userinit.c:31
#5 0x2e8c in repl_driver (argc=1, argv=0xeffff4cc) at toplevel.c:206
#6 0x3164 in toplevel (argc=1, argv=0xeffff4cc) at toplevel.c:272
#7 0x22cc in main (argc=1, argv=0xeffff4cc) at stk.c:30

I am sure that this is due to a misplace "stk_user_init", as reported
by Chin Wu -- the modification that I made is the following, and it

  switch (k) {
    case 0: init_interpreter();
------------------NOT HERE ANYMORE--------------------
#ifdef USE_TK
                              if (!arg_no_tk && (arg_Xdisplay || getenv("DISPLAY")))
                          if (arg_file) {
                            loadfile(arg_file, TRUE);
                              STk_user_init(); /* Execute application specific inits */
----------------^^^^MOVED TO HERE^^^^^^^^-----------------------
                        if (interactivep) print_banner();
                        /* load the startup file if specified */
                        if (arg_load) {
                          loadfile(arg_load, TRUE);
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