From: Russell Senior <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 1995 16:25:15 -0800

I am having a little trouble with some class names in STklos that I'd
like to resolve. It is probably just a lack of comprehension on my
part. I've got a list of class names, bound to a scheme variable

STk> (display leaf-classes)
(<transmission-line> <primary-distribution-line> ... <spot>)#[undefined]

I can return elements of the list as I expect.

STk> (car leaf-classes)

The class names are valid. I can execute functions on them without
error. For example,

STk> (class-name <transmission-line>)

However, when I try to use the class names from my list in what seems
to me to be an equivalent way, I get an error.

STk> (class-name (car leaf-classes))

*** Error:
class-name: bad class: "<transmission-line>"

Why? How can I get a *good* class instead of a *bad* one?

Thanks in advance!

Russell S. Senior
T. Dan Bracken, Inc.
Received on Sat Feb 11 1995 - 01:26:37 CET

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