STk 2.1.6

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 1995 17:31:46 +0000

STk 2.1.6 is available on A new version of blt is also
available on kaolin (its name is blt-1.7-for-STk-2.1.6). I had problems
with the dynamic version of BLT (but the static one works). I had no time
to resolve this problem and will probably not be able to look at it before
some days. In the meantime, this should do the work.

Lots of things have changed in the interpreter (in particular every symbol
is now prefixed by "STk_"). If you have made extensions, this would involve
changes in your code. I apologize for this (note: 2.2 will also imply some
changes in C code that I have not integrated in 2.1.6, by lack of time).
If you want details on planned changes, drop me a mail.

Apart that, most importants changes are:
        - documentation of processes, regexps and sockets
        - new code for sockets
        - bug corrections .....

I must admit that I have not well organized my mail for the bug that some of
you have sent me. Furthermore, I had a disk crash and my developpemnt version
partly lost. I think, that I have almost repaired all those bugs but if you
reported me a bug and if you see that it was already here, please signal it me
again. Thanks.

As usual, here is the list of changes for 2.1.6 against 2.1

        - Bug corrections
        - Changing Makefiles and configure files for better dynamic loading
          integration. Dynamic loading works for Solaris 2 and OSF1 is
          provided. However things don't work as suited (I need more info)
        - Adding support for BLT-1.7. This library can be loaded dynamically
          on system which support it
        - New option which permit to change the initial amount of cells
        - Uses really LESS memory.
        - New GC. Now we have a set of heaps and a new heap is allocated as
          soon as the global space is "nearly" filled.
        - SLIB support (just type (require "slib") and after that process as
          indicated in SLIB documentation
        - Integration of the Suresh Srinivas STk-wtour demo.
        - Adding support for Text in STklos: Definition of the <Text> class
          (and companion <Text-tag> class).
        - call/cc is now tail recursive. (Alas, methods and dynamic-wind are
          not yet tail recursive).
        - Better support for autoloading files
        - Adding support for an exec function a` la Tcl (i.e. execute of a
          unix process and keep its output in a Scheme string)
        - General run-process for running Unix process were std{in,out,err}
          can be redirected in files or in pipes.
        - Some code has been rewritten to ease STk porting
        - Adding support for regular expression pattern matching and
        - There is now a light interpreter, called snow (for Scheme
          NO Window); this is in fact the STk interpreter without Tk support.
          This interpreter is an independant executable. It can be called
          with the `snow' shell-script or by unsetting the DISPLAY variable.
        - New organisation of intalled file to permit co-existence of
          several version of STk or multi-architecture file sharing
        - Dynamic loading support for NetBSD-1.0
        - Dynamic loading support for HP
        - Dynamic loading and dump support for FreeBsd.
        - A mini interface builder (very simplistic, but usable)
        - New contributions: A true Tetris game, a 8 queens simulation and
          a demo of composite widgets.
        - Every exported identifier now starts with the string "STk_" to
         avoid name clashes when embedding the interpreter in an application.
        - BSD sockets support

Have fun

                -- Erick
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