Building STk on HP-UX

From: David Masterson <>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 11:04:53 -0800

I thought I'd ask before I expend too much energy on this...

I'm working with STk-2.1 and am trying to build it on HP-UX. I've never used
STk before and never tried to build it before. Has anyone else had success in
building it on an HP9000/712 under HP-UX 9.05? Currently, I've seen the

1. I'm not using GCC, so I'm trying to build with the standard compilers.
2. Most everything *but* Src will build with the standard K&R C compiler that
   comes with HP-UX. A couple of changes made to the Tk directory for STk
   have function prototypes, so I had to put in a couple of declarations
   without prototypes and '#ifdef __STDC__' them.
3. The Src directory seems to use ANSI-C style prototypes everywhere, so I had
   to reconfigure this directory to use the ANSI C compiler. Trying to use
   the ANSI C compiler on the other directories led to a lot of warnings and
   errors (particularly about type mismatches). Using ANSI C on the Src
   directory allows it to be built, but there were a number of type mismatch
   warnings that I'm still trying to decide if they are a problem.

Anyone have suggestions?

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