What's going on ...? (compiling on Solaris 2,3)

From: JL. Marcos -CST.Fermat.p19-74113- <marcos_at_sc2000.cnes.fr>
Date: 14 Feb 95 10:26:32+0000

Hi stk'ers,

It may be silly questions, but here they go....

This is a problem with the two last versions of STk. Once compiled and
installed, I can't run correctly a stk or stklos program.

For example: hello program doesn't run when invoked like this...
 $ ./hello.stk
 ./hello.stk[2]" syntax error at line 2 : `;;' unexpected

But it goes well when ran by : stk -f hello.stk !

Other example : stk -f stetris.stk doesn't run (bus error).

I've got some troubles to use the dynamic loading of modules: here is something
that doesn't work...

Welcome to the STk interpreter version 2.1.6 [SunOS-5.3-sun4m]
Copyright (C) 1993, 1994 Erick Gallesio - I3S - CNRS / UNSA <eg_at_unice.fr>
STk> (symbol-bound? 'run_process)
STk> (require "process")
STk> (symbol-bound? 'run_process)
STk 2.1.6 compiles great with no problems at all !!! For version 2.1.5, I had 
to do some work around the Makefile to get it to compile (I used gcc 2.5.8 on
a SPARC LX running Solaris 2.3).
But there it is : none of those versions seem to work fine.
I apologize in advance if these are some silly questions, but I surely
apreciate any help from a solaris 2.3 STk user.
Amicalement, Jose Luis
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