Building Extensions for STk

From: Frank Ridderbusch <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 95 10:38:15 MET


I've just read a message from someone, who has implemented the
procedures 'seek' and 'tell'.

Apart from the fact, that I did the same thing some ago and will be
sending my work in a day or two (modified for STk 2.1.6), what bothers
me is, that everybody uses his own ideas, how a function should be

I think, that everybody, who want to build an extension into STk
should look at other implementations and see if some function is
available and then use that name.

As an example, SCM from Aubrey Jaffer has been around for quite some
time. He build extensions into SCM for a couple of operating system
functions (like seeking and telling, etc) and regular expressions.

Now, STk is getting the same extensions, but unfortunately with
completely different interfaces.

I think, we all should make an effort to make the interfaces for the
various extensions as uniform as possible.

Any comments on this subject??

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