Re: Building Extensions for STk

From: Jochen _Roger_ Hayek <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 11:27:37 +0100

>>>>> "FR" == Frank Ridderbusch <> writes:

    FR> Hello,

    FR> [stuff deleted]

    FR> I think, that everybody, who want to build an extension into STk
    FR> should look at other implementations and see if some function is
    FR> available and then use that name.

    FR> [stuff deleted]

    FR> I think, we all should make an effort to make the interfaces for the
    FR> various extensions as uniform as possible.

    FR> Any comments on this subject??

You wrote, what I myself would have `requested'
the `extension community' to do, too.

It's the problem of inventing the wheel once again ...
It's the problem of `keeping the name space clean'.

This will be best for standardization of Scheme appendices, too.

Your proposal is part of basic software engineering education,
but sometimes we must repeat the lessons we learned earlier.



BTW There are still some people working at SNI Paderborn?
    Best wishes to the folks over there.
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