Re: What's going on ...? (compiling on Solaris 2,3)

From: JL. Marcos -CST.Fermat.p19-74113- <>
Date: 17 Feb 95 13:22:27+0000

Hi STk'ers,

A few days ago, I sent un message concerning some problems in running
STk and STklos applications under Solaris : #! scripts weren't working
and some applications went down bombing a core file...

Thank's for the explanations on #! scripts not calling a real binary
program. As far as I am concerned, I just create some symbolic links
in replacement of stk and snow shell scripts and It work's fine enough
for me...

Concerning the Bus error(core dumped) problem, it seems to be related to
Dynamic Loading... I've just tried to recompile the whole thing without
this option and I can get my STk programs to run properly.

I was wondering if using the Dynload option may require some variable
initialization (like LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be correctly set if you want
to use shared libraries...) ?

Amicalement, Jose Luis

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