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   Has anyone by any chance done an STk Interaction Mode for emacs?

   It wouldn't be that difficult to implement a simple one that sends
   simply sends stuff to the interpreter, displays results, etc... but
   if somebody has already done there's no use in my recreating the

   Does anyone know of such a thing?


You can get the ILISP package for interaction with a number of Common
Lisp and Scheme dialects. STk is not yet supported, but ILISP is
easily configurable for a new dialect.

Here is the announcement fo version 5.7.



Welcome to ILISP

ILISP is a GNU Emacs package for controlling an inferior process
running a lisp dialect. You can get ILISP by anonymous ftp at
FTP.CS.CMU.EDU in the directory /user/ai/lang/lisp/util/emacs/ilisp/.

Alternative archive sites (which may be out of date) include:{ilisp57.tgz,pgp.asc,readme.txt

ILISP is currently being maintained by Marco Antoniotti
<> and Rick Busdiecker <>.

Please address all list administration messages, such as requests to
subscribe or unsubscribe, to:

 ILISP Administrivia <>

and we will both see your message. Please allow a little time;
there's no list server programming running, the list is maintained by

To send a message to everyone on the list, address it to:

 ILISP Discussion <>

The list has had a very low volume lately, so you may not see messages
for a while after subscribing.

Please note that there is no list corresponding to the old address. Send message which would have gone
there to the primary list. I will try to forward any messages that
arrive via that address to the list, but I (usually :-) have better
things to do with my time.



ILISP is a powerful GNU Emacs interface to many dialects of Lisp and Scheme,
including Lucid, Allegro, Harlequin LispWorks, KCL, AKCL, ECL, IBCL,
and CMUCL.
Written by Chris McConnell <> and now maintained by
Marco Antoniotti <> and Rick Busdiecker <>.

Please refer to the following files in this directory:
 HISTORY - A detailed summary of changes over the course of ILISP's
 GETTING-ILISP - Directions for obtaining this collection using
                 anonymous FTP.

Please send bug reports, questions, suggestions, etc. to:
  ILISP Discussion <>

Please address all list administration messages, such as requests to
subscribe or unsubscribe from, to:
  ILISP Administrivia <>

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Future developments:

ILISP might become part of the standard FSF distribution in the
future. There are numerous little things that need to be done in that
direction in order to conform to FSF coding and interface standards
(e.g. the behavior of C-a is not acceptable by the FSF interface
standard and numerous doc strings in ILISP need to be rewritten).
This will happen slowly over the next(s) releases.

Thanks go to the following people (and to many others who need our
apologies for having let them out of the list):

        Tim Bradshaw <>
        Kimball Collins <>
        David Gadbois <>
        Robert P. Goldman <>
        Marty Hall <>
        Richard Harris <>
        Christopher Hoover <>
        Larry Hunter <>
        Todd Kaufmann <>
        Mark Kantrowitz <>
        Qiegang Long <>
        Christopher McConnell <ccm_at_HITECH.CHESS.CS.CMU.EDU>
        Yusuf Pisan <>
        Jeffrey Mark Siskind <>
        Richard Stallman <>
        Jason Trenouth <>
        Christof Ullwer <>
        Ivan Vazquez <>
        Matsuo Yoshihiro <>



Version 5.7
Released Tuesday January 24, 1995

Fixes and enhancements since 5.6:

-- ILISP now unpacks in a directory called ./ilisp-<version>.

-- Fixed various simple bugs in the init files (hooks et
   similia). Check 'ilisp.el' and 'ilisp.emacs' for details.

-- Support for different Emacs versions has been broken down in
   various version specific files. See:
        ilcompat.el (new name for compatibility file)
        illuc19.el = ilxemacs.el

-- ILISP is now compiled with version 19 bytecodes when
   appropriate. (This should work at least for FSF 19.xx).

-- Added a primitive menubar entry.

-- Included the bug fixes for source file tracking.

-- The Makefile now contains a new target called 'loadfile', which
   generates a file called 'ilisp-all.elc'. This speeds up ILISP sturtup.

-- Popping to the inferior lisp buffer is now done in a more
   intelligent way in FSF-19 (i.e. if a frame with the appropriate
   window is available, then that frame is raised instead of
   recreating a window in the current one).

-- The ILD uniform Lisp debugger by J. Siskind has been added to the
   distribution (file 'ild.mail'). ILD is not integrated yet with
   ILISP, but it is important enough that people should experiment
   with it.

-- The texinfo file has been fixed.

-- New dialects have been added: GCL, ECL, Harlequin Lispworks, CLISP.

-- The special-form-p/special-operator-p mess should be fixed (at
   least in CMUCL).

-- Cleaned up support for Lucid, Allegro and CMULISP.

-- The file 'scheme2c.mail' contains a trick to make Scheme->C to work
   with ILISP.

-- The file 'ilisp-s2c.el' contains a first cut definition of the
   Scheme->C dialect. Note that this file is neither byte compiled nor

Known bugs:

-- Keymap handling is still rather inflexible. Either you like the
   setup or you don't. (A patch by Kimball Collins was not inserted in
   the code because we feel there should be a more thorough cleanup).

-- AKCL and GCL may cause an error in the sturtup procedure of ILISP. We (the
   maintainers) have been unable to track down this one since we have
   not access to an AKCL or GCL environment. Please help us.

-- Source level tracking for interpreted code in CMUCL may still break down
   unexpectedly. This is due to the inner working of CMUCL and there
   is no easy fix. We try to fall back on the TAG machinery.

-- The menu entry does not track correctly the status of the inferior
   lisp. I.e. there is no code yet that disables the menu items when
   the inferior Lisp is not running anymore.

-- Package tracking is still somewhat flaky.

-- Multiprocessing Lisps may still cause problems with prompts. This
   has been noticed especially with Allegro CL.

-- The "send the source even if compiled file file exist" bug is still
   in place.

Mon, 11 Jul 94 10:48:24 EDT Version 5.6 Released

-- Works once again with GNU emacs 19.25, lemacs 19.10. and emacs 18.58.

-- The popper facility has been completely replaced by a much less
   intrusive facility which has most of the original functionality.
   All ilisp output is funneled through the function which is the value
   of the variable ilisp-display-output-function. Several sample display
   functions are provided. Do c-H m in an ilisp buffer for more info.

-- The common lisp arglist printer has been prettified somewhat.

-- Ilisp no longer tries to handle lisp errors by default. This is
   controlled by the varible ilisp-handle-errors.

-- Many of the hairy regexps used to located definitions have been
   broken out into separate variables. One is ilisp-cl-source-locater-patterns,
   which is an alist of (function-type regexp)

-- Compile-defun, eval-defun and friends display the returned lisp value.

-- Defined variables for the init files for the built-in dialects, to ease
   customization (ilisp-clisp-init-file, etc).

-- Some handy new functions: ilisp-lispm-bindings, repair-ilisp.

-- A minor bugfix in ilisp-send.

-- A simplified makefile.

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