Re: querying a class for its slots

From: Rob DeLine <Robert_DeLine_at_GS115.SP.CS.CMU.EDU>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 15:20:21 -0500

> Is there a prescribed way for getting a list of slots for a particular
> class? I can think of a couple of ugly ways to do this off the top of my
> head but is there a simple way to get a list in a way that's going to
> continue to work with future versions of STklos?

Because STklos has a metaobject protocol, every STklos class is an
object on which you can invoke methods. Two of the more useful methods
on class objects are class-direct-slots and class-slots. So if I
have the following classes

  (define-class <A> ()
     ((x :initform 0)
      (y :initform 1)
      (z :initform 2)))

  (define-class <B> (<A>)
     ((u :initform "hi")
      (v :initform "there")))

I can make method calls, like in the following expressions:

  (class-direct-slots <B>) ===> ((u :initform "hi") (v :initform "there"))
  (map symbol->string (map car (class-slots <B>))) ====> ("x" "y" "z" "u" "v")

Hope this helps.
Rob DeLine
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