RE: Strange Bug

From: Sarah Officer <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 12:07:08 -0700 (MST)

> Subject: Strange bug
> writes:
> Hum I'm using stklos, and I sometimes have strange problems :
> I read a file which consists of lists.
> On some unpredictable basis, elements of this list are replaced by
> internal objects of stklos
> Last error occured 2 times (with different replacement), and the third
> time there was no problem. (every time I exit from stk a start again).
> It seems that this occurs when using a lot of code (I intensively use
> methods but no tk objects yet)
> I my opinion it is a memory jam...
> Has somebody experienced such strange things ??
> f.g.
This is exactly the problem we have been having with an application
running on STk-2.1.4 on both LINUX & SUN4 operating systems. We read
and write alists, and on apparently random occaisions, we see elements
of the alist replaced by <#some-stklos-type> or some other garbage
(not a stklos object class).

My recent posts regarding tracing memory allocation were attempts to find
a way to trace this bug. We also observe that the error occurs only when
using 'a lot of code', i.e. a large test case. Because my coworkers and
I were sidetracked on some other projects, we haven't had the
opportunity to track this down by setting *gc-verbose*, but we think
the problem occurs after garbage collection. We will soon try some tests
on STk-2.1.6 to see if the problem goes away.

What machine, operating system, and version of STk are you running with?
Definitely let us know if you solve this problem!

Sarah Officer
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