Re: STk-2.1.6 on SOLARIS with dynamic loading

From: Giorgio Cesana <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 09:13:37 +0100

I have tried several attempts on STk 2.1.6 with different results:

1. STk compiled with gcc 2.6.3 on sparc-sunos4 (4.1.3_U1).
   A. On a SunOS4 machine all is fine
   B. On a Solaris 2.4 machine (working in compatibility mode) I have encountered
      problems with pipe management on run-process (look my message

2. STk compiled using Sparc Compiler C 3.0.1 for Solaris 2.
   As said in my message <9502271406.AA02464_at_venus.animali>, after having
   recieved several warning during compilation (I tried to use the "transition
   mode" [-Xt] and the mixed ansi plus kernigan mode [-Xa]), a code is produced.
   All seems to work but using not so large applications (like amib.stklos)
   I get errors on STk objects (i.e. calling stk -f amib.stklos I get
   "*** Error: map: malformed list").

3. STk compiled using gcc 2.6.3 for Solaris 2 (this compiler was compiled using
   Sparc Compiler C rev. 2 on Solaris 2.3).
   As said in message <9502271443.AA02565_at_venus.animali>, I get a segmentation
   fault when running processes. The error occurrs when the process finish to
   run (probably after having processed the SIGCHILD signal).

Note: I have compiled in dynamic mode, I have tryed to use (require "hash") and
others, and the .so libraries are loaded correctly.



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