question/suggestion re: <Tk-composite-widget>

From: Moises Lejter <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 15:29:34 -0500

[It seems this did not make it, the first time. My apologies if you
get it twice... -Moises]

Is there any reason why the method for #'initialize-composite-widget
for <Tk-composite-widget> is defined to be an error?

I found myself doing this:

                          / \
                         / \
                TopLevel-composite AppWindow
                         \ /
                          \ /

So I need to invoke #'next-method from the init-composite-widget for
TopLevel-composite, to get my TopLevel-AppWindow to work. But any
other child who inherits singly from TopLevel-composite will break,
then. (Sure, in this case, I could just reverse the order in which I
inherit from TopLevel-composite and AppWindow, but that did not seem
like a good general solution...)

I replaced my initialize-composite-widget method for Tk-composite-widget
in Basics.stk to look like this:

(define *pedantic-STk-class-hierarchy* #t)

(define-method initialize-composite-widget ((c <Tk-composite-widget>) args parent)
  ;; it seems unreasonable to require that this be an error...
  ;; we could just not do anything here any more...
  ;; - 2/28/95
  (when *pedantic-STk-class-hierarchy*
     "initialize-composite-widget: no method provided for ~S composite widget" c)))

so I can mmke it just do nothing, by setting the global variable
*pedantic-STk-class-hierarchy* to #f. Was there a better solution for
this? I figured I could also have looked to see which other methods
would be invoked after the init-composite-widget for
TopLevel-composite, but that seemed much too ugly...

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