stk and speed

From: Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer <>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 95 20:52:09 +0100

Of course i used precompiled regular expressions. Even with these i
could speedup everything by writing special matching routines to avoid
regexp-replace-all, which has the bad performance. Btw. tcl uses no
precompiled code at all. It seems that the number of interpreter lines
in tcl or the number of s-exps is proportional to the consumed
time. There are parts of my programm which went a little more "snappy"
but overall the main work seems to be done in the widget code of the
toolkit (and this is OK).

Example: (.x 'gettags i) returns a list of tags. Tk formats a string,
stk reads it. I write the list to a string, then i am looking for
patterns ... (Oh wait, if i use (.x 'itemconfigure i :tags), i get a
string at once .... i will try .....)

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