Re: Errors when getting elements from hash-table

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 10:50:36 +0000

> Giorgio Cesana writes>
> an error was found in hash table management with STk 2.1.6 (having hash patched)
> under Solaris 2.4.
> In same cases, when calling hash-table-get on undefined symbols, the function
> raises an error correctly, in some others I obtain the following message:
> /MAMMUTHe/merlino/PRODUCTS/uk-2.0/bin.sparc-solaris2/uk-stk: fatal: relocation error: symbol not found: Err: referenced in /MAMMUTHe/merlino/PRODUCTS/uk-2.0/STk/SunOS-5.4-sun4m/
> Killed

OOps, You just have to add the following define at top of hash.c

#define Err STk_err

It is in my development version and I forget it was not in the distributed one.

                -- Erick

                -- Erick
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