Re: New composite widgets

From: Dominique Sidou <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 10:28:06 +0200

I would be interested in a layout facility for widgets drawn onto a
canvas with STk. I am aware of several packages existing for basic
tcl/tk such as tklayout, tkIcon+tkMegaWidget, tree...

I tried tklayout which seems the more simple and easy to use and also
quite powerful (several layout algo are present), its principle is to
patch the code of tkCanvas of the tk distrib to add new command
entries. It works perfectly with normal tcl/tk, but I was not able to
make it run inside STk (pb seg fault).

- Does anyone have a solution for such a facility (tklayout based or

- Are there plans to provide one for STk?

Thanks in advance,


Sidou Dominique, Institut Eurecom,
2229 route des crhtes, B.P. 193,
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