Re: STk I/O Performance

From: john lewis <>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 05:18:23 -0700

A while back out of curiosity I coded some numerical algorithm
(think it was cross correlation) in a variety of interpreters and
in C, and timed the results. I no longer have the exact results,
but from memory they varied from:
        50 a byte-compiled scheme
        ~2000 csh (this was difficult to program!)
meaning 50-2000 times slower than C.

So, STk's I/O performance is typical for an interpreter.

Note that this "i/o performance" is the performance of parsing written
*in scheme*. If you do I/O using (read), it should be about as fast
as C, because it's written in C.

In the past i've had fairly good results (guessing: within 5-10x of
a custom C program) by picking a set of fundamental operations,
coding them in C, and exporting them as scheme routines. should try coding a read-token in C.
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