tags and canvas items

From: Jen Mankoff <jmankoff_at_cs.oberlin.edu>
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 1995 01:48:35 -0400

Can anyone explain why when I specify the tags for an item using a
string, that string gets changed somewhere along the way to making
that item? For example:

STk> (define c (make <Canvas>))
STk> (define l (make <Line> :parent c :coords '(0 0 10 10) :tags "bar (baz (biz))"))
STk> (tags l)
"bar baz (biz)"
STk> (get-tags l)
(bar baz (biz))
STk> (slot-ref l 'tags)
"bar baz (biz)"
STk> (describe l)
#[<line> 1014f2a4] is an instance of class <line>
Slots are:
     id = #[Tk-command .v78]
     eid = #[Tk-command .v78]
     parent = #[<canvas> 10156120]
     cid = 2
     tags = "bar baz (biz)"
     coords = (0 0 10 10)
     arrow = "none"
     arrow-shape = "8 10 3"
     capstyle = "butt"
     fill = "black"
     join-style = "round"
     smooth = #f
     spline-steps = 12
     stipple = ""
     width = 1

l's tags have been changed to no longer include the outermost set of
parens in the tags I originally passed to it.

Is there any way I can stop this from happening? I tried setting the
tags after the object was created, and that didn't help. I couldn't
figure out how to set up the tags using the non-object-oriented
approach, though. Maybe that would help.

What was the rationale behind deciding to change the tags which are
passed in?
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