STklos references?

From: Christopher David Hundhausen <>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 17:28:40 -0700

I'm relatively new to the STklos world, and am looking for comprehensive
documentation on STklos. To date, I've tracked down the following sources:

1. Stklos: A Scheme Object Oriented System Dealing with the Tk toolkit. By
    E. Gallesio. (I don't have the full reference, but I think it was
    presented at a USENIX conference.

2. Appendix C to the STklos manual.

3. The source code for the STklos implementation of STk widgets.

While I've found (2) to be much more comprehensive than (1), neither is
detailed enough for my purposes. (3) provides some useful information, but I'd
like to avoid reading source code if I can. Recently, I've turned to
references on CLOS (Common Lisp Object System). For example,

4. Common Lisp: The Language (2nd ed.). By G.L. Steele Jr.

5. Object-oriented Programming: The CLOS Perspective. By A. Paepcke

Chapter 28 of (3) provides a definitive description of CLOS; unfortunately, it
lacks examples that would make the presentation clearer. I haven't delved into
(4), but it looks promising.

I'd be very interested in any additional sources on Stklos that people have
found helpful. In general, is it a good idea to read CLOS references, or are
there so many mismatches between CLOS and STklos that reading about CLOS would
only serve to confuse me? For example, (4) distinguishes between :initform
and :default-initargs keywords. Does the :default-initargs keyword exist in
STklos? Do I have to rely on trial and error here, or is there some definitive
reference I can turn to?

Thanks in advance,

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