Re: Problems with Processes

From: Sean Slattery <jslttery_at_GS148.SP.CS.CMU.EDU>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 1995 00:33:31 -0400

OK, I wasted bandwidth too soon. This message is for anyone who might fall
into the same trap:

> We're having trouble using run-process. The command seems to make my computer
> thrash about vigourously for a few seconds and then kill stk - I believe
> what's happenning is that stk is chewing up virtual memory at an amazing rate
> (I started at 21M free) and the OS is killing it before all the virtual memory
> is gone. Anyone else seen this behaviour?
> I'm on a PowerPC running AIX3.2.5

The solution here is to compile with -lbsd. The libc.a signal implementation
is a bit different and causes bad things to happen when a child process exits
and STk's signal handler wants to tidy up.

> a) Are process supposed to be removed from (process-list)? I'm confused by the
> following behaviour (on a SunOS 4.1.3)
> STk> (run-process "ls" "-l" "/bin" :output "/tmp/X" :wait #f)
> #<process PID=609>
> STk> (process-list)
> (#<process PID=609>)
> STk> (process-wait (car (process-list)))
> #f
> STk> (process-list)
> (#<process PID=609>)

Of course the patch has been posted a while back if only I was paying

> b) STk seems to want to convert the result of a get command on a listbox to a
> list. This means that we run into trouble if our listbox entries have comma's
> or brackets in them (they get converted into (unquote ...) and sublists
> respectively). The man page does not state that <pathname> get <index> returns
> a list. I think it would make more sense for STk to keep this return value as
> a string to allow the user the maximum latitute in inserting stuff into the
> listbox that they later want to retrieve. Comments?

Has nobody else run into this?

Also, someone commented on the (winfo 'interps) command having trouble with
windows called "exmh #2" and so on, where STk choked on the #2. It seems easy
enough to make winfo one of the "exempt" commands (like option etc.) and
return a string - sidestepping the issue rather crudely. How difficult would
it be to make winfo return a list of strings? So if I do this in wish:

% winfo interps
exmh exmh-bg ical nn {nn #2} stk wish

then the following would happen in stk:

STk> (winfo 'interps)
("exmh" "exmh-bg" "ical" "nn" "nn #2" "stk" "wish")

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