Re: Running programs from the UNIX shell

From: Alexander Ottl <>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 18:44:16 +0200 (MESZ)

> I am not able to start from the UNIX shell the STk demo programs.
> Take for example hello.stk:

> #!/staff/stk/bin/stk -f
> ;; Simple Tk script to create a button that prints "Hello, world".
> ;; Click on the button to terminate the program.
> ;;
> ;; The first line below creates the button, and the second line
> ;; arranges for packer to manage the button's geometry, centering
> ;; it in the application's main window.

> (button '.hello :text "Hello, world"
> :command '(begin
> (format #t "Hello, world~%")
> (destroy ".")))
> (pack .hello)

> The file has the proper execution permission and the STk
> interpreter is in my path. If I try to execute hello.stk I get
> the following error message from the shell:

> Simple: Command not found.
> Click: Command not found.
> The: Command not found.
> Unmatched '.

> If, on the other hand, I start the stk interpreter and then LOAD
> the example programs, everything works fine. I use the stock C
> shell under HP-UX 9.01. What's wrong?

> Regards,

> Paolo
> --
> Paolo Amoroso <>

I vaguely remember having the same problem. It seems that
at least under HP-UX, recursive #! escapes don't work.
If you take a close look at <anypath>/stk it turns out
to be a shell script that calls $STK_LIBRARY/stk-bin.
Thus we have a #! recursion. I solved that by renaming stk-bin
to stk and putting it in the bin-directory.
Is this a genuine OS bug? I don't know.

  Alexander Ottl                     
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