Re: Problems with Processes

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 16:30:37 +0100

> Sean Slattery writes
> Also, someone commented on the (winfo 'interps) command having trouble with
> windows called "exmh #2" and so on, where STk choked on the #2. It seems easy
> enough to make winfo one of the "exempt" commands (like option etc.) and
> return a string - sidestepping the issue rather crudely. How difficult would
> it be to make winfo return a list of strings? So if I do this in wish:
All winfo should not be an "exempt" procedure (for instance the CELLS
subobtion returns an integer and it seems simpler to have an intege here).

> % winfo interps
> exmh exmh-bg ical nn {nn #2} stk wish
> then the following would happen in stk:
> STk> (winfo 'interps)
> ("exmh" "exmh-bg" "ical" "nn" "nn #2" "stk" "wish")

I have modified Tk library. It does exactly this now.

                -- Erick
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