STk and C++

From: Jon Berry <berryj_at_SANTA.CSC.DEPAUW.EDU>
Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 07:51:00 -0500

I'm part of a large C++ project that now uses Tcl as a command-line
interface and has a GUI written in Motif. We are definitely planning
to move to Tk in the near future, and we've been planning for Tcl/Tk.
Of course, it would be very nice for our users if we could replace Tcl
with Scheme. But Tcl gives us very nice access to our C++ templated
objects and methods. We've created tcl commands to manipulate tables of
objects and call methods.

In checking the scheme faq, the Extended Language kit (Elk) would seem
to be along the lines of what we need (but I haven't gone so far as to
get it and experiment with it yet). Looking through the STk manual, I don't
see any mention of C++ support. But I have no experience in interfacing
Lisp or Scheme with any other language. Can anybody tell me if it is
possible to use STk on top of a C++ application, and if you have done it?

thank you,
        Jon Berry
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