garbage collecting extension types

From: Jin S. Choi <>
Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 11:03:34 -0400

I tried extending STk with a new type last night, and found that the
documentation in that area was yet to be written, so I decided to give
it a shot anyway. There's something I don't quite understand about the
garbage collection. gc_mark_fct is to be called on any SCM objects in
your type, right? And gc_sweep_fct is to free up any non-SCM objects
and to free the object itself?

So here's the situation; I have a scheme function that returns one of
my new extended types. If I just say
I get
#<znotice 80392b8>

Now I do a (gc) and notice that the sweep function gets called, but
not the mark function.

However, if I do (define foo (zreceive)) and then do a (gc), both
sweep and mark functions get called. Is this correct?
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