Re: Ilisp & STk

From: Sean Slattery <jslttery_at_GS148.SP.CS.CMU.EDU>
Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 13:54:54 -0400

> is it possible that STk is confused because it thinks that it is not
> talking to an interactive user?
> When I hacked together a dialect for scm, I was first baffled by the
> lack of prompts and usefull information, and I found out that scm was
> running in batch-mode, which was cured by giving scm the -i
> option.
> Perhaps something similar is goeing on with STk?

It looks like this is indeed the problem (when I type (flush) into the emacs
stk buffer, I get the output I was missing - though still no prompts). Stk
doesn't seem to have an interactive option though. For now I'm going to try a
solution suggested by Rob Deline - putting an explicit fflush(stdout) at the
bottom of the repl_loop function and re-compiling.

Can a "-interactive" option be put on an STk wish list somewhere?


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