snow and socket libraries

From: Tim Pierce <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 95 17:24:00 CDT

Hi, folks:

I'm running STk on Solaris 2.3, and I've found that snow
does not support socket calls. It may not support other
things as well, but sockets are what I'm working on at the
moment. :-)

The reason appears to be that, at least under Solaris, the
networking functions require -lnsl and -lsocket, and the
configure script only uses these flags as part of the X
build (i.e. for building STk). By adding them to the
snow-bin rule in Src/Makefile, snow can be made to support

Unfortunately, we don't have an up-to-date copy of Autoconf
locally, so I can't test any changes to or It appears that something like the following
needs to be done:

  * Add these lines to

    AC_HAVE_LIBRARY(socket, [NETLIBS="-lsocket"])

  * Add this line to

    _at_echo "NETLIBS = @NETLIBS@" >> config.make

  * Add "$(NETLIBS)" to the snow-bin rule in Src/
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