2.1.7 Release

From: Erick Gallesio <eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr>
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 1995 14:30:33 +0100

Finally the 2.1.7 is out. Main improvements are

        - A really usable interface builder. This version handle the packer
          and the placer geometry managers.
        - New composites widgets (Multipaned, ScrollCanvas, ScrollText)
        - Support for dynamic loading under Linux (with the DLD package)
          Elf support has not (yet) been added. I discourage to use it
          since it is *VERY* slow... (Use the --disbale-dynload when configuring
the STk package)
        - Support for dynamic loading for OSF1
        - A better documentation (even if not complete) for extending the STk
        - The beginning of a documentation for using STklos and Tk.
        - and as usual .... bugs correction (and probably inclusion :-< )

I have tried to fix all the bugs signaled to me. However, some bugs have not
been fixed yet, by lack of time. A lot of suggestions have not been integrated
too in this release. I apologize for this and will try to make things cleaner
Be sure that all the suggestion you sent have been examined. Only the simpler
ones have been done by lack of time.
I felt it was time to release a new version since 2.1.6 starts to be old.
Have fun

                -- Erick

PS: Hereafter is the ChangeLog file since 2.1.6

Mon Jun 5 18:03:47 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr)

* Extensions/posix.c: An extension for using Posix primitives in Scheme.
  Far from complete. This is just a start. Any help on this point would
  be appreciated.

* Doc/Extension/Extending.tex: A new version which is more (but not totally
  :-<) complete.
* Extensions/stack.c: a new file used for illustating the document "Extending
  the STk interpreter"

* Demos/amib.stklos: A new version of the interfac builder which is usable
  now. This version handle the packer and the placer.

* STklos/Tk/Composite/Multipaned.stk (initialize-composite-widget):
  Addition of the Multipaned composite widget. Thanks to Harvey J. Stein,
  for his modifications.

Sat Jun 3 00:44:53 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Lib/init.stk:
* Src/syntax.c: Rewritting of "while" and "unless" in C

* A new type: tc_ssubr. This type is temporary and will change in the next
 This type correspond to all n-ary functions of number.c.
 Correction of an ENNORMEOUS bug: There was a double evaluation when fsubr
 where called by apply!!!. Fsubr cannot be applyed now (ssubr are the only
 procedure with non evaluated parameter which can be appyed.

* Src/proc.c (STk_procedurep): (Procedure? a-tk-command) => #t now
* Lib/inspect-misc.stk (inspect::typeof obj): correction of a bug introcuced
  the inspector by previous modification

Fri Jun 2 00:07:20 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Src/gf.c (find_method): Code cleaning.

Thu Jun 1 19:29:39 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Src/port.c (do_load): I have added a comment when a file has finished to be
  loaded, as suggested by David Fox.

* Src/gc.c (gc_sweep): GC calls now Tcl_DeleteCommand when a new
  command is deleted. See below ...
* Src/tcl-lib.c: Modifications of {Create,Delete}Interp and
  {Create,Delete}Command to really execute the detete code of a
  Tk-command. This seems to be useful only for the send command annd "."
  command (but would also be probably useful for future tcl extensions).
  The "send" associated delete proc permits to unregister the
  interpreter from the X server (bug signalled by Sean Slattery
  slttery_at_GS148.SP.CS.CMU.EDU and that I have never seen !!!!).

Mon May 29 17:04:53 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* STklos/Tk/Message.stk (<Message>): Deleteing the class <Tk-sizeable> from
  <Message> class. This was erroneous.

Fri May 26 23:52:40 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* STklos/Tk/Toplevel.stk (<Toplevel>): Adding the :init-keyword for
  class and display slots. This modification was necessary for the new
  AMIB. Min-size and max-size slots contain now a string and class and
  display slots contain a string (it was a symbol) * STklos/Tk/Frame.stk
  (<Frame>): Adding the :init-keyword for class slot Class slot contains
  a string (it was a symbol)

Fri May 19 22:44:59 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Src/sport.c (STk_get_output_string): Correction of a bug signalled
  by Fritz.Heinrichmeyer_at_fernuni-hagen.de

Wed May 3 12:59:24 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* STklos/Tk/Composite/Paned.stk (motion-grip): Applying the patch of
  Harvey J. Stein <hjstein_at_MATH.HUJI.AC.IL> which constraints the grip
  ]0..1[ This permits to avoid its disappearance.

Tue May 2 00:05:55 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* STklos/Tk/Tk-methods.stk: This file is always loaded now (it was loaded only
  when Tk was initialized before). Read the comment in this file when re-using
  STk images. *top-root* initialization is in Tk-methods.stk rather than
  Toplevel.stk now.
* Lib/tk-init.stk (Tk:initialized?): a new variable which is set to #t when Tk
  is fully initialized

Mon May 1 16:55:18 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Src/stklos.c (display_instance):
* Src/error.c (STk_err):
* Src/eval.c (STk_show_eval_stack):
* Src/port.c (STk_write):
* Src/tk-glue.c (STk_convert_for_tk):
* Src/toplevel.c (repl_loop):
* Src/extend.c (internal_display):
* Src/print.c (STk_print): All those files have been modified for
  giving the port (a SCM object) to the procedure which do a print
  rather than a FILE *, which is more general. This modification is
  necessary for permitting a real display_object in extension. STklos
  uses this for the {write,display,tk-write}-object methods.

Tue Apr 25 14:57:48 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr)

* Src/number.c (STk_gcd): Bug correction in lcm, gcd, min and max (arguments
  were evaluated several times!!!!).

Tue Apr 18 14:55:23 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr)

* STklos/Tk/Composite/Scrolltext.stk: New file. It implements what you think
  it should!!

* STklos/Tk/Composite/Scrollcanvas.stk: New file. It implements what you think
it should!!

* STklos/Tk/Composite/Scrollbox.stk (<Scroll-listbox>): Scroll listbox accept
now horizontal scrollbar.

Sat Apr 15 15:40:40 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Tk/tkListbox.c (ListboxWidgetCmd): Correction of an old old bug: Getting
an element of listbox always retusrns a string. However, this modification
breaks down the inspector.... (it is time to rewrite it....)

Fri Apr 14 23:32:42 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Src/number.c (STk_round): Bug correction. (Round x) must returns the
closest integer to x, rounding to even when x is halfway between two

Fri Mar 31 00:15:36 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Src/configure.in: Adding test for the existence of the pid_t type.
This is needed for porting STk on Sony WS (Sony NEWS, NEWSOS 4.2R)
Thanks to Nobuyuki Hikichi <hikichi_at_sra.co.jp>

* Lib/init.stk (random): have been extended to allow the result to be a
bignum. Here again, thanks to Nobuyuki Hikichi <hikichi_at_sra.co.jp>

Sat Mar 25 23:33:54 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* STk/read.c: Modification of the reader to remember current filename
and line counters. This eases debugging since error messages can
display those informations.

Thu Mar 16 15:32:59 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr)

* Src/extend.c (STk_define_C_variable): New function. This function permit to
establish a link between a C variable and a Scheme one. Once this link is
established, every reading of the variable will call a getter function and
every write will call the setter function. No data is used in the Scheme
space, variable value is a C data.

Wed Mar 15 17:21:40 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr)

* New primitive type: C-pointer. This is a Scheme type to wrap a C pointer.
It greatly eases communication with C.

* Src/extend.c: New file. This file contains all the code for extensions and
C pointers. It contains a ot of code from old dynload.c.
File dynload.c contains now only the function which do dynamic loadind (and
which is very sytem dependant.

Tue Mar 14 13:30:11 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr)

* Src/slib.c (STk_internal_eval_string): Bug correction. The error context was

Fri Mar 10 15:55:47 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr)

* Src/userinit.c (STk_user_cleanup): STk_user_cleanup has been added.

* Src/port.c (STk_init_standard_ports): Error file is now line buffered. This
gives better performances when used under emacs.

Thu Mar 9 12:49:43 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr)

* Added support for dynamic loading under Linux (with DLD). Code is inspired
from a contribution of Patrick Nguyen (pnguyen_at_elde.epfl.ch)

Sun Mar 5 16:06:11 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Src/port.c (STk_char_readyp): Added support for char-ready. Code
should not be very portable...

Sat Feb 25 11:51:45 1995 Erick Gallesio (eg_at_biot.unice.fr)

* Src/slib.c (STk_get_internal_info): Bug correction: the result was
completely erroneous. Is it possible that I have tested this function
without having seen this????

* Dynamic loading should work for OSF1 (Thanks to Erik Ostrom
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