Re: success dynaloading under Linux/ELF

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 1995 11:17:37 +0100

> writes
> I just tried compiling STk 2.1.7 under Linux/ELF and dlopen(), and it
> appears to work just fine. A few minor changes needed to be made for it
> to compile correctly. The executable needs to be linked w/ -rdynamic and
> the .so file must use -shared instead of -r.

Can you send me please your Makefiles so I can patch the various configuration
files for next release. Don't send me patch files please. Fritz Heinrichmeyer
has already sent patch files on the mailing list but since I was not able to
use them simply since the base he used was no more accessible for me (at least
easily, since I have not a lot of disk space those days).

Elf support is important and I want to have it as soon as possible (so I can
migrate myself on ELF ....)

                -- Erick
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