Re: hash-table-get problem?

From: Josh Marantz <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 11:46:42 EDT

Erick Gallesio writes:
> It's on my to list to have hash-table with any compare function as parameter
> (defaulting to eqv? for compatibilty with existing code). I have started to
> hack the Tcl code for hash tables but it's a little bit hard to extend. I hope
> to have something soon.

You will need to let the user supply (hash obj) function to mate with
(compare? obj1 obj2). If you hash pointers and compare with string
contents, the hash table not work. (Apologies if this is obvious).

Providing a c-written string hash & compare functions, both case
sensitive and insensitive, would probably aid performance.

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