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From: Andrew Dorrell <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 11:35:46 EST

> Andrew,
> The one time that it worked for me (some months ago using STk 2.1) I
> simply entered "stk -f xscheme.stk" at the command line and it popped up
> a window. I then selected file->open selected a small scheme program and
> clicked "ok". I was then able to step through the program. I was very
> impressed, however when I tried to do anything more extensive it crashed.
> Now I can't even get an opening window. Unfortunately I don't know enough
> scheme to fix it (thats why I want it - to help me learn scheme).

        Reading the standard is probably a better approach to learning scheme.
> >From your posts to the stk mailing list it appears you may have used
> guile. Does it have a useful debugger? Thanks for any information you can
> provide regarding this. My needs in scheme are a decent object system
> (stklos is fine for me) regular expressions and some method of debugging
> - smattering display statements about is not my idea of fun - I'll go
> back to perl in spite of not liking its object system.

        The curse of the blessed reference....

        I have only read the web page for guile - it did not mention
support for an object system and I can't remember it advertising a debugger.
If you really don't like perl then you should look at python. It has a
debugger, has object oriented constructs etc. but the thing I don't like
about it is that its interface to Tk still uses the native Tk types (ie.
strings and I believe perl is the same). This is because Python interfaces
fairly directly to the C functions with minimal conversion of types. (Perhaps
this can be addressed...) It does offer a good alternative though
with extensive support for UNIX things - regular expressions, threads etc.
and its documentation is much more complete! Look out for many different
alternatives in the near future though.

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