IIC distribution 0.0

From: Jen Mankoff <jmankoff_at_cs.oberlin.edu>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 11:55:33 -0400 (EDT)

IIC version 0.0 for STk 2.1.6 is now in the Incoming directory. This is
basically the same as the previous version, with a few distribution bugs

the README --

IIC (Information in Context) is an interactive programming environment
meant to be used for profiling and tracing functions, as well as
for visualizing information about functions. IIC runs in the Scheme
interpreter STk and has both a graphical and a textual user
interface. By integrating a profiling environment with a visualization
system, IIC gives the programmer the power to dissect the internals of
her program. In addition, IIC gives the programmer the power to
control what data is gathered through the use of *scope* IIC makes
it possible to evaluate the efficiency of functions and to easily
identify bottlenecks. IIC can also be useful for debugging.

IIC was written by Jen Mankoff (jmankoff_at_cs.oberlin.edu).

Please send her mail if you use it or have questions about it.

In order to run IIC, you must load the file "interface.stk", which can
be found in the directory named "IIC" which will be created when you
untar it.

Revision of distribution:

These revisions could only be tested at a text-only terminal so if
something graphical broke, please send a bug-report to

Because there are two <Text> objects defined (one for the Canvas and
one as it's own text object) I have redifined the non-Canvas
text-object to be called <Text-widget>. IIC now loads a copy of
that file from the help directory. All occurrences of "Text" have been
replaced with "Text-widget", otherwise it's the same as the original
<Text> object.

There is now only one path that needs to be changed in order to
install STk correctly: the first line in interface.stk is

(define *base-path* "/usr/users/students/jmankoff/honors/IIC")

that line needs to be changed so as to reflect the correct path for
your system.
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