Re: STk button activation trouble

From: Stephen Benson <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 07:33:05

>Hello STk Users!
>I've recently (in the last week or two) downloaded STk 2.1, and installed
>it on my Linux-running PC here, for experimenting with some GUI design
>ideas. Everything was working fine, until the other day, after leaving a
>little Tk program I had written running for a few hours, the button (it used
>only one -- its sole purpose was to change it's name) refused to work. I
>moved the mouse over the thing, and it "lit up", like it is supposed to,
>but no amount of clicking (which before worked) was going to activate --
>it wouldn't depress, call the appropriate command, ro anything.

I've long observed a problem with tk and mice that has often frozen my
machines. It always happens on a double/triple click which for whatever
reason is not recieved by the app, at which point all the tk apps, or all apps
including X, cease to take mouse events at all, usually requiring me to
restart X, or even reboot.

Changes of kernel, versions, even machines reduce the problem's frequency, but
it's still there.

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