bug in backquote()

From: Joshua Peck Macdonald <jmacd_at_uclink.berkeley.edu>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 00:57:16 -0700

I'm not sure why, but something just made my source files
cause stk to die of stack growth its, at the statement
marked by the emacs overlay "=>":

static SCM backquotify(SCM x, SCM env, int level)
  if (VECTORP(x))
    return STk_list2vector(backquotify(STk_vector2list(x), env, level));

=>if (NCONSP(x)) return x;

  if (EQ(CAR(x), Sym_quasiquote))
    return LIST2(Sym_quasiquote,
                 backquotify(CAR(CDR(x)), env, level+1));

this has happened before and something I did made it go away,
but I'm not sure what's the problem here, I forget. All I
do is load my sources, about 3200 lines spread over 18 files
with provides and requires instructing it how to load.

Any suggestions?

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