Where is tk-firstMenu?

From: Paolo Amoroso <amoroso_at_hp4.sm.dsi.unimi.it>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 13:32:07 +0200 (METDST)

In my message with subject "tk_bindForTraversal and tk_menuBar" I

> I use STk 2.1.6 under HP-UX 9.01. In the source code of one of
> the demo programs, widget.stk, there are also the following
> lines:
> ;(tk_bindForTraversal .m)
> (bind "." "<Any-Enter>" '(focus .m))
> ;(tk_menuBar .menu
> ; .menu.button .menu.listbox .menu.entry .menu.text
> ; .menu.scroll .menu.scale .menu.canvas .menu.menu .menu.misc)
> The lines commented out contain calls to the Tcl procedures
> tk_bindForTraversal and tk_menuBar, which are part of the Tk
> library. According to the documentation their purpose is to
> allow, among other things, menu keyboard traversal.
> When I run widget.stk, menu keyboard traversal is not allowed.
> The menus can only be used with the mouse. If I uncomment the
> above mentioned lines, I get an error message saying that the
> procedures are not found. Are those procedures available? If not,
> why are the calls present in the source code? Can their behavior
> be implemented in another way?

I finally found the two procedures in the file:


where $STK is the place where the directory tree of STk starts.
Anyway, their names differ in that the underscore `_' is
substituted by an hyphen `-'. I modified the widget.stk demo to
take this difference into account, but I get another error
message saying that the procedure tk-firstMenu is not found.
tk-firstMenu is used in the file menu.stk, but it does not seem
to have been defined anywhere else.

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Paolo Amoroso <amoroso_at_dsi.unimi.it>
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