STk and Tk 4.0 ?

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 1995 16:13:02 +0100

Since a month I was not able to find time to work on STk and it is nearly
unchanged since 2.1.7. However, since 2.1.7, Tk4.0 was released and it
introduces some interesting features. Since Tk is out, I have received several
mails asking when a release based on tk4 will be ready.

It seems that 2.1.7 is rather stable, I will just correct the (simpler to fix)
bugs which have been signalled and make a release which will be called 2.2.
Apart bug corrections it will only include new hash tables (you can specify
the comparison function as an optionnal parameter now) which are ready now.

Taking into account all the suggestions you sent to the mailing list would
push the release date of the 2.2 too late and I think it is time to fix it,
even if it doesn't contains all the things which are suitable.

I think that the 2.2 will be released next week. An alpha release of STk 3.0
(the one with Tk4.0) will be released as soon as possible (I really hope it
will be before the end of July). It will be an alpha release. In particular, I
will probably not adapt the demos for this first release.

A bientot

                -- Erick
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