Re: STk 2.2 is out!

From: Frank Ridderbusch <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 95 10:25:17 MDT

>>>>> "Erick" == Erick Gallesio <> writes:

Erick>STk 2.2 is out!
Erick>You can ftp it from

Erick>It is close from 2.2 except that
Erick>- there are improved hash tables
Erick>- there are no more pathnames hardcoded in the interpreter; it will be
Erick>possible to distribute binaries.
Erick>- Elf support should work (I'm not able to test yet).
Erick>- a new option -interactive to use STk with ILISP under Emacs

Erick>I will post a more detailled list in a few days
Erick>Happy Scheming

Erick>-- Erick


I just obtained STk 2.2 and build it on a Siemens Nixdorf RM600
system, which runs a MIPS processor based SVR4.

The build run without any problems. I could do some simply scheme
code, which seems to work.

However the stklos extension doesn't seem to work. If I try the
filebox demo, I get the following errors.

After that error, I am only able the terminate stk by killing
it. '(exit)' doesn't work.

Any hints are welcome.

fgth_at_utensil (2316) $ filebox.stklos

*** Error at line 84 of file /home/tools/lib/stk/2.2/STk/Basics.stk:
bad Scheme name (setter background)

The dialog box show the following stack trace:

(error "bad Scheme name ~S" l)
(let ((name (build-scheme-name name))) (quasiquote (begin (unless (and (symbol-bound? (quote (unquote name))) (is-a? (unquote name) <generic>)) (def ...
(%replace params (apply (lambda (name args . body) (let ((name (build-scheme-name name))) (quasiquote (begin (unless (and (symbol-bound? (quote (unq ...
(define-method (setter background) ((self #[<tk-metaclass> <tk-simple-widget>]) v) (slot-set! self (quote background) v))
(eval (quasiquote (begin (define-method (unquote accessor-name) ((self (unquote class))) (slot-ref self (quote (unquote (car s))))) (define-method ( ...
(for-each (lambda (s) (if (pair? s) (let ((accessor-name (get-keyword :accessor (cdr s) #f))) (if accessor-name (eval (quasiquote (begin (define-met ...
(initialize instance initargs)
(let ((instance (allocate-instance class initargs))) (initialize instance initargs) instance)
(make-instance class initargs)
(%syntax-define <tk-simple-widget> (make (or <tk-metaclass> #[<class> <class>]) :dsupers (list <tk-widget>) :slots (quote ((background :accessor bac ...
(load what)
(begin (load what) (if (not (member what provided)) (begin (format #t "WARNING: ~S was not provided~%" what))))
(require "Basics")
(load what)
(begin (load what) (if (not (member what provided)) (begin (format #t "WARNING: ~S was not provided~%" what))))
(require "Toplevel")
(load what)
(begin (load what) (if (not (member what provided)) (begin (format #t "WARNING: ~S was not provided~%" what))))
(require "Filebox")

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