Newbie problem: can't (require "slib") successfully

From: Dale Arntson <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 23:32:51 -0500

Sorry to bother the group with this newbie question, but I am just getting
started. I need to know what I need to change in order to load the slib
library, When I do:

(require "slib")

I get the following error:

*** Error at line 213 of file /usr/local/lib/stk/2.2/STk/STk.init:
load: cannot open file: "/usr/local/lib/stk/2.2/STk/require"

with the following stack trace:

(slib:load (in-vicinity (library-vicinity) "require"))
(load "STk.init")
(load what)
(begin (load what) (if (not (member what provided)) (format #t "WARNING: ~S
was not provided~%" what)))
(require "slib")

Thanks for your help.



Dale Arntson University of Chicago
312-702-8700 1100 E. 57th St. Rm. B70 Chicago, IL 60637
Received on Fri Jul 21 1995 - 06:33:06 CEST

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