Re: Warning STklos feature: function redefination

From: Lars Thomas Hansen <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 08:49:44 -0700

Writes Erick:
>"John A. Zinky" writes
>> Is there a package mechanism for STk?
>Not yet. I really want to add a simple package mechanism to STk and I will
>add one soon. The problem is that there are a lot of packages system proposed
>for Scheme and I don't want to a add a new one without regarding them.
>I agree with you that it is abolutely necessary.

I have implemented a very simple module system for STk based on macros.
It does perhaps not do everything everyone might want, but it is very
straightforward, and I have found it useful. One advantage of a module
system based on macros (perhaps especially hygienic macros) is that
since it is only syntax layered on top of the existing language, the
semantics of the existing language are unchanged, and there are no
gotcha's caused by "obvious semantic extensions".

The module system can be gotten from

Other user-level object systems can be constructed; in particular,
systems based on modules as first-class objects. These are more powerful
than the syntax-based system described above, but are a little more
complicated to use. Still, we're mostly talking about a macro.

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