Re: Useful code - perhaps worth modifying base distribution?

From: Moises Lejter <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 12:08:04 -0400

In article <199507311421.KAA16484_at_lager.BBN.COM>, Ken Anderson <> writes:

  Ken> I think a better solution is to modify define-class so that
  Ken> slot defintions are no longer a simple quoted list, but are
  Ken> computed in the lexical environment of the macro expansion.
  Ken> This would make the unsightly evals in compute-get-n-set
  Ken> unnecessary. In fact, now that i look at it, none of the evals
  Ken> should be necessary.

I like this solution better than mine. I just had thought it would be
much more complicated to write than mine was. On second thought,
perhaps I was mistaken. It might be good for people to hold off on
applying that patch of mine we are talking about for a bit... ;-)

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