From: Stefan Monnier <stefan.monnier_at_epfl.ch>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 12:40:46 +0200

I just installed STk 2.1.7 on an INDY and have a little problem (I'm new
to STk, so this might not be a bug, even though I feel like it is):

STk> (run-process "ls" :output "tmp")
#<process PID=4040>
STk> Bye.

Right after launching "ls", STk quits. If ls is run with ":wait #t", it works
fine. It feels like the signal send by "ls" when it finishes (SIGCHLD or
somesuch) is not correctly caught by STk.

By the way, the ref doesn't mention any way to set the function called
when receiving a signal (like "trap" in sh). Is it just lacking in the ref
or in the code also ?

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