Available: STk 2.1.7/2.2.0 tasking system Beta Release

From: Lars Thomas Hansen <lth_at_cs.uoregon.edu>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 10:49:54 -0700

I have created some extensions to STk 2.1.7/2.2.0 which implement
preemptive continuation-based multithreading. The first public Beta
release of that system is now available from


The package consists of some very minor patches to the STk sources, some
additional C source files, a bunch of Scheme source files, and
reasonably extensive documentation. The tasking system is based on a
small number of primitives which implement timer interrupts and
thread-blocking I/O, on top of which task switching functionality can be
layered. The included Scheme code implements several different task
systems, based on threads, engines, actors, parallel argument evaluation
(pcall), and futures. In addition, the package contains examples of a
large number of synchronization primitives (mutexes, semaphores,
barriers, sync variables, monitors), a thread-wise 'sleep' facility,
some classic data structures (single-threaded vectors, and bounded
buffers) and several example programs, including a solution to the
ubiquitous dining philosophers problem.

The package also contains two facilities which are useful independent of
the threads package: a syntax-based module system, and a small
Scheme-level package which allows procedures (as opposed to only
expression naming top-level identifiers bound to procedures, as now) to
be installed as Tk callbacks.

Note that this is a Beta release; there are known (non-serious, and
documented) bugs, but probably also unknown ones.

Share and enjoy,

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