problem with the "stk" script

From: Stefan Monnier <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 12:12:03 +0200

I think it's a bad idea to have stk be a script running stk-bin.
The main problem is that (at least here on IRIX-5.3) having a first line
with "#!/my/path/bin/stk -f" doesn't work (because this only works if the
named interpreter is a binary (the #! scheme doesn't work recursively inside
the kernel)). It's also a bad idea because it slows down the startup (it
requires starting sh, then uname (three times) and maybe even test, but sh
generally has test builtin)

The only advantage I can see is that the path can be fixed even on systems
with heterogenous machines sharing the directory over NFS. But in such a case,
stk is not the only app having to deal with the problem and the sysadm (or
the user) has probably already solved the problem (my "bin" is not in
~/bin but ~/irix/ip22/5.3/bin, for instance).


PS: this is with STk-2.2.0
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