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From: Giorgio Cesana <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 14:31:18 +0200

Dear all,

I was trying to optimize a tool I have developed for my company when I observed
the following behaviour of STk (2.1.6, I tried to use the 2.2.0 but I cannot use
it becouse of the bug in the BLT drag & drop).

Let's simplify my test case:

> STk
Welcome to the STk...
STk> (set! *load-verbose* #t)
STk> (require "Frame")
;; Loading file "/path/STk/STk/Frame.stk"
;; Loading file "/path/STk/STk/Basics.stk"
;; Loading file "/path/STk/STk/Tk-meta.stk"
;; Loading file "/path/STk/STk/stklos.stk"
;; Loading file "/path/STk/STk/hash.stk"
;; Loading file "/path/STk/SunOS-4.1-sun4m/"
;; Loading file "/path/STk/SunOS-4.1-sun4m/"
STk> (require "Tk-classes")
;; Loading file "/path/STk/STk/Tk-classes.stk"

Now if I try to require again "Frame" I get correctly:
STk> (require "Frame")

but if I try to use the Frame class I obtain:
STk> (make <Frame>)
;; Loading file "/path/STk/STk/Frame.stk"
;; Loading file "/path/STk/STk/Tk-methods.stk"
#[<frame> d8964]
THE FILE "Frame.stk" IS LOADED TWICE (the first time when requiring it, the
second when using the class).

Why this?

Unfortunately I have code that can be called in different ways so I cannot
suppress the two require (the problem is in the autoload mechanism, if a file
is already loaded -and the functions defined- when declaring a function with
autoload you will get a new load of the whole file when the function is used the
first time).

Any idea? Any fix?




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