A bug in the expand-file-name function

From: Giorgio Cesana <cesana_at_venus.sgs-thomson.it>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 15:57:17 +0200

Dear all,

I have discovered a bug in the expand-file-name function (thanks to our crazy
system administrator and his theory about file names).

Trying to expand the file name "test." (with a final dot, that is legal for unix)
I obtain:

STk> (expand-file-name "test.")

without the final dot.

A temporary work-around could be:

(define stk:expand-file-name expand-file-name)
(define (expand-file-name filename)
        (let ((bn (basename filename)))
                (if (and (> (string-length bn) 1)
                        (char=? (string-ref bn (- (string-length bn) 1)) #\.)
                        (not (string=? bn "..")))
                        (string-append (stk:expand-file-name filename) ".")
                        (stk:expand-file-name filename))))

that returns:
STk> (expand-file-name "test.")
STk> (expand-file-name "..")




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