Re: Which release of Linux?

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 09:52:41 +0100

> Andrew Dorrell writes

> Which release of Linux is recommended for use with STk - I would like to be
> able to do dynamic loading (with ELF).
> Thanks,
> --

I use the beta ELF Slackware beta release for a month and have no problem at
all with it. The main missing package is TeX, but you can grab the teTeX 0.3.3
distribution which is in ELF format if youn need it (I have little tested it
but it seems to works without problems and its installation procedure is
really well done)

A part that, ELF dynamic loading is very impressing and dynload a file is
quite tranparent.

BTW, Is there someone who knows the compilation/load options I must use to
build a shared libstk? I have probably misunderstood the doc and was not able
to make it.

                -- Erick
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