Re: STk 2.2 is out!

From: Greg A. Woods <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 95 18:38:22 -0400 (EDT)

[ On Wed, September 20, 1995 at 08:44:00 (+0200), Stefan Monnier wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: STk 2.2 is out!
> (wasn't it easier to get gcc ? or is gcc not supported on Sun3 anymore)
> (I hope SunOS cc on Sun3 doesn't generate as brain dead code as on Sun4)

I've not enough disk space or CPU time just now to install GCC, and
besides, I'm not so sure I really want GCC before I move to NetBSD/sun3
in any case.

In any case, SunOS cc on the sun-3 seems OK so far. BTW, I've never
encountered any real nasties with the sun-4 code, at least for most code
I've written or found on the net. From my most recent benchmarks
SunOS-4's cc doesn't generate code that's quite as fast as GCC-2.5.6,
but it does generate smaller code (i.e. code that has a smaller RSS when
running). I've not compared the actual mc68k code between SunOS cc and
GCC, though I'd expect similar differences -- i.e. GCC's code is
slightly faster and slightly larger. This was the case on the AT&T
WE32000 output I tested.

Besides, it's trivial to keep code portable to most UNIX K&R compilers,
esp. if you draw on other's efforts, such as 4.4bsd's <sys/cdefs.h>.

> You'll probably find that SunOS doesn't know how to deal with scripts invoking
> scripts on the first line. (that means: after "#!" you can only have a real
> executable)> I've already mentionned the problem on this list. It's easily
> overcome tho (it's a problem of installation more than anything else):
> Drop the wrapper script, set the STK_LIBRARY env var somewhere in your .cshrc,
> and put the real executables in your PATH.

Ah, that's no doubt the problem! Thanks!

> This will make it possible to use the #! trick and furthermore this will
> noticeably speed up startup time (since your machine won't have to execute
> sh, then uname, then uname, then uname and then finally stk). In case of
> scripts written in snow, it makes a huge difference.

That'll definitely make a difference on a Sun-3/260! ;-)

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