What about Bigloo?

From: Giorgio Cesana <cesana_at_venus.sgs-thomson.it>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 09:43:07 +0100

Hi everybody,

surfing on Internet I have descovered a tool named Bigloo, made by INRIA
(Istitut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, France) for
the ICSLA (Interpretation, Compilation et Semantique des Languages Applicatifs)

The tool is an implementation of the Scheme language, and it is both a compiler
and an interpreter. Bigloo does not enteirely conform to Scheme as defined in
the IEEE standard for the Scheme Programming Language [11791]; however, it was
designed to be as close as possible to that standard.

It offers as externsions:
- system interface functions (quite similar to STk)
- unix file name manipolation functions (quite similar to STk)
- hash tables (id.)

Bigloo is a module compiler, it compiles modules; so it provides a module
extension (declaration, inline procedures...)

It offers a regular parsing extension, a pattern matching extension, error
handling, assertions, structures.

It has a foreign interface. Foreign interface are all the pieces of program
devoted to the interactions between Scheme and other languages. This interface
allows to export Scheme functions and variables to a foreign language and to
import foreign functions and variables into Scheme code.

Bigloo provides also a n extension package system, that is a way to extend the
language compiled with it.

It has macros, and it allows eval.

What about possible interactions between Bigloo and STk?

Thanks for any answer.



- About the ICSLA project
- The INRIA ftp site
- The Bigloo project repository


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