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From: Giorgio Cesana <>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 08:54:30 +0100

Dear Erik,

I am using STk since Jan 95, and I have built a microelectronic CAD integration
system named UDK using STk as integration language and tool encapsulation
language. We have made some extensions, common routines (utilities) and so on...
We are still using the 2.1.6 version, due to some changes in the 2.1.7 and 2.2.0
that requires changes in our code (we are in the QA phase and we prefer not to
change the code).

Now we have the problem to have a semi-automatic tool to perform regression
tests on the tools and thei human interfaces. We have explored some commercial
and public domain tools, and we have discovered TkReplay 1.0, a PD tool
developed using Tcl 7.4 and Tk 4.0 that allows the user to record a working
session and to reply it. It make use of the send command to add to the widget
bindings of the target application some routines that send to TkReplay the
actions performed.

We would like to enhance the tool allowing it to manage a more complete testing
language and to interact also with STk application (we have to convert the
routines that are sent to the application).

We have encontered a PROBLEM:
TkReplay 1.0 is built with the Tk 4.0, and the send protocol is different from
the one used with STk (that is still based on the Tk 3.6).

We would like to know which are your plans to migrate to the Tk 4.0 with STk.




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