STk 3.0b

From: Harvey J. Stein <hjstein_at_MATH.HUJI.AC.IL>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:28:38 +0200

Thanks for STk 3.0b. It's GREAT! I LOVE the html browser. I've
already added network support, http get of images, resolution of
relative URLs, local disk image cache, and afew other features.
And upgrading stetris to 3.0 was pretty easy.

None the less, here's my customary new release buglist/comment list:

Buglist/comment for STk-3.0b1 under Linux 1.2.11.

   1. Snow has dependency on html.o, but doesn't have an html.o.
      fix: Either remove dependency or make symbolic link in Snow
           directory to Src/html.c. I did the latter.

   2. For some reason hbrowse.stklos is #!/bin/sh instead of
      #!/usr/local/bin/stk -f.

   3. In fancy, new STk stack window (Very Cool!!!), it would be good
      if Listener pane would scroll down when messages force ">" off
      the bottom (such as when clicking on right pane of Stack
      content, which sticks ";; Current environment is #[environment
      ...]" into Listener window.

   4. Doing "make demos" gives:

*** Error at line 108 of file ./hbrowse.stklos:
unbound variable: %html:next-token

      Although STk_html_next_token is defined in Src/html.c, it
      doesn't seem to be defined in the Scheme environment!

   5. In Src/primitives.c, change:

#ifdef USE_HASH
  {"%init-html", tc_subr_0, STk_init_hash},


#ifdef USE_HTML
  {"%init-html", tc_subr_0, STk_init_html},

      This fixes bug 4.

   6. There is no bug 6.

   7. There is no bug 7.

   8. I'm coming to the conclusion "Not rewritten for STk 3.0" means
      "Won't work with STk 3.0" (as opposed to meaning "Looks exactly
      the same under STk 3.0 as under earlier versions").

   9. server.stk gives weird error when processsing ^D:

*** Error at line 44 of file ./server.stk:
unbound variable: |\x04|

  10. highlighting commands in hbrowse (for cut & paste) runs them!

  11. In Widget demo (run from within "make demo"), tried "See code",
      but it gave:

Unable to show the code of the file "Wlabel.stklos"
**** Tk error ("") "
    (command bound to event)"

  12. In the 3rd Text demo in the Widget Demonstration (Hypertext), it
      says that clicking on the tagged text is supposed to invoke said
      action, but it doesn't do anything.

  13. Widget Demonstration -> Text Demonstration - Embedded Windows,
      3rd button (supposed to embed a graph) doesn't work. It gives:

*** Tk background error:
unbound variable: text-window-plot
**** Tk error ("") "
    (command bound to event)"

  14. Same demo as 13. Clicking on "short" button makes it disappear!

  15. No quit button on Widget Demonstration.

  16. Tried reading the Netscape Download Instructions HTML page with
      the html browser, and got:

bad alignment "left": must be baseline, bottom, center, or top
**** Tk error ("") "
    (processing \"-align\" option)
    (command bound to event)"

  17. In "make demos", when viewing html which has embedded gifs,
      when a gif is partially off the bottom of the window, too much
      of it displays. Part of it shows up in the shadow border!

  18. port->string is broken. When I try to use it to read binary
      files (such as gifs), it breaks. Are nulls inadvertently
      signifying end of character string? I remember something about
      this on the stk mailing list...

  19. Would be nice to have a *fast* way to copy from an inport to an
      outport. Maybe a copy-port primitive? Also would be nice to
      have inverse of (port->string), etc.

Dr. Harvey J. Stein
Berger Financial Research
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